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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Works in Progress and Stash Boosters

I woke up this morning with nothing to knit. The projects I am about to show you would intimate that I DO actually have something to knit, but I assure you, I do not.

This is my very first attempt at intricate lace knitting. It looks like a dark blue blob of crinkliness, but I assure you it is going well. However, I have reached the point where I have to decide if I want to add beads and I can't decide. The original pattern uses beads and they are gorgeous, but I'm not so sure how it will look on this very dark blue. I love the color, but will beads ruin it? Therefore, I have reached a point where I can no longer knit on it until I have figured this out.

Next is the sweater shawl thing that I started so I could have something cool for the summer. It is very pretty, but it is feeling a little too frilly. (Don't laugh, I know I like frilly things, but I feel silly wearing them to do the dishes and change diapers). Thus it has lost its charm and I can feel my brain oozing out my ear in an attempt to escape the tedium of this sweater.

This is my Piece de Resistance (or however that is spelled). It is my own design, my own pattern and a times a freaking pain in the rear to work on. It may appear to finished, but I still have to give it an edging and sew in a zipper. I do not have a zipper and I can't decide if it would be better to knit the edging and then sew in the zipper or do the zipper and then the edging. We are at a standstill.

So, I found myself with absolutely nothing to knit. Nothing. I gave away all my (crappy) acrylic yarn and my stash was reduced to a pitiful status.
But then, the clouds parted, the sun shown through and my mailman came to the door.
With this...

My Christmas knitting yarn. In a completely uncharacteristic organizational move, I have planned ahead and figured out all of my Christmas knitting. You may think that this is crazy to start so soon, but I have about 34 projects to finish in about 30 weeks. Believe it or not, this hulking pile of miles of string will be socks, sweaters, scarves, gloves and toys for my dear friends and family. Can you pick out which yarn is yours?

In addition to the endless amount of entertainment I will enjoy over the coming months, the mailman also brought me this...

Peace and solitude while my kids play in the box. I am so buying a huge amount of yarn every time in order to get the huge box. It is so worth it.


  1. Wow that is a lot of yarn you have a lot more ambition than I do. I like the hat and personally I don't think I'd add the beads unless it's for a little kid that would enjoy them.

  2. Beautiful! I think the shawl would look great either way. If you're still not sure, what about finishing the shawl without the beads and then if you change your mind later, going back and adding them using a different method? I don't know enough about knitting to know if that's feasible. The shawl totally reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, by the way. :)
    Way to go on planning ahead with all the Christmas stuff. I was just thinking the other day that I should do that too. :)