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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Start

I decided to consolidate and move all my blogs to one account. Thus the new blogging address.

This blog will be a conglomeration of my thoughts and feelings along with updates on my knitting projects because Ryan is not as impressed as I feel he should be and I love showing people what I have done.

So, I hereby introduce the new and amazing Knitting Princess blog. Prepare to be amazed!


  1. I'm prepared to be amazed girl! :) I'm also flattered that I'm one of you favorites. :) Love ya! :)

  2. Of course you are one of my favorites! :)

  3. Oh goodie I'm excited to see your knitting projects, although it will only make me wish I could do that as well as you :) Good job on the 5K It's hard to believe we're as old and out of shape as we are.