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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some People Laugh Through Their Noses

My husband still has the camera so I cannot take pictures of my WIP's or my new jewelry pieces or anything. So, this will be another pictureless post. :(

But, I just wanted to make a note that I have put up another episode of my podcast, which you can get to from the link to the right. I hope you are enjoying them. They are quite fun to make. Although I noticed that I have a tendency to laugh through my nose (Mary Poppins would be appalled) which makes some bits hard to edit. I am sorry if you are happily listening along and I suddenly blow right into your ear. :)

There's not much of interest going on over here anyway. It is hot as hades here. I just want to spend all day in a cold shower. I hate summer. Everything smells overcooked or too ripe and rotting. It is dry and dusty and the sun beats down like it is trying to fry you. I feel like I am under some mean kids magnifying glass, roasting.


So, I have declared today an official do-nothing-so-you-don't-overheat day. And that's what I am doing. (Except I may sneak in a load of laundry) It is too hot to even think and I just want to lie under the fan and maybe read a good book about somewhere cold.

Hope you are all having a fun summer without so much roasting and that you can fit in time for some fibery podcast goodness.

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  1. I love your laugh! Amen to your assessment of summer, and great job with the podcasts!!